Explore the nature and

culture of Scotland's

western sea board by

kayak or on foot



Bespoke, guided adventures in one of Europe's most fascinating and dramatic landscapes.

Trips are "bite-sized" - so you can come for a half day or join your explorations together.  Explorations are fun, relaxed, exciting and inspiring.

Paddle the timeless waters back to the end of the ice age and re-live the ways of our hunter-gather ancestors. 

Follow the old roads.

Watching, listening, breathing it all in...

6 images © Philip Price

See how others saw these wonders and left their marks...

Wonder at the treasures on the way

slow worm © Philip Price

Delve deeper and be enriched.

We are professionals who have always worked out there on the edge leading pioneering, creative work linking people and nature. 

Join us on the Atlantic edge to uncover extraordinary natural and cultural worlds.  Be prepared to travel back in time.

Adapted round the tides and weather, there are always gems to explore...


breathe deeply


Photography copyright Loch Visions, Branddaddy & Will Self.  With thanks to Loch Visions and Branddaddy.